The Labour Community Service Award was established in 1999 by the Saskatoon and District Labour Council in partnership with United Way of Saskatoon and Area. The partners recognized the importance of celebrating labour's contributions to the health and well-being of our community. It is another example of how the Labour/United Way Partnership is working to benefit Saskatoon and Area. Through this award, we celebrate an individual's outstanding service and dedication to our community through volunteer work. Collective strength is made up of many individual actions working towards a common cause. It is our hope that in honouring our leaders, we help to inspire others and nurture leadership to those that will follow---the future leaders in our community and our labour movement.

The individuals who have been honoured over the years have all been involved in both their union and their community however, it is their ability to inspire and motivate others to become involved that shows their true leadership. When it comes to important issues and causes, our recipients have the ability to help others understand the importance of their volunteerism and activism in making change building a better community for all.

The Labour Community Service Award and Dinner is one of several projects of the Labour Partnership Program of Saskatoon and District Labour Council and United Way of Saskatoon and Area; a partnership that is working to create positive change in our community.