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Nobody should be forced to choose between paying for groceries and paying for the medication they need.

Add your name and help us win prescription drug coverage for everyone in Canada, regardless of their income, age, or where they work or live.

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Congratulations to Carol Cisecki and Maurice Werezak who were the winners of the March Vacation of the Month draw.

Marie Clarke Walker – Canadian Labour Congress - Secretary Treasurer 

Dr. Jacline Nyman – United Way Centraide Canada – President & CEO 

The Canadian Labour Congress and United Way Centraide Canada share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive, diverse and respectful communities with a wide range of social and public services that are accessible, universal and of the highest quality. Our common vision means a better life for everyone in our communities.

We are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and thrilled to be National Ambassadors for the Labour Programs and Services “Tampon Tuesday” events happening in 26 communities across our country.

Periods are a fact of life for 50% of the population, for 50% of their life. For people living in poverty, there is an added challenge of acquiring monthly menstrual hygiene products. For anyone experiencing homelessness, it is an even bigger challenge. The “Tampon Tuesday” events planned in communities across the country on March 6th 2018, will provide union members and others in the community an opportunity to gather, socialize and support an effort to provide menstrual hygiene products to those in need.

We encourage Local affiliates, Women’s Committees and union members to attend these events. Thank you and congratulations to Labour Programs and Services staff who have worked hard to make it happen!

Please join us as we commit to “going with the flow” and helping one box at a time!

Labour Programs and Services is a joint program between the United Way Centraide Canada and the Canadian Labour Congress, locally implemented by community United Way Centraides and local Labour Councils.


In Solidarity and Sisterhood, 

Marie Clarke Walker Dr. Jacline Nyman
Secretary Treasurer President and CEO
Canadian Labour Congress United Way Centraide Canada


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