WHEN: Saturday, January 27 from 11am-12pm

WHERE: Prairieland Park, Saskatoon (*Meet at the gates on Ruth Street)

DETAILS: The Sask Party is holding their leadership convention in Saskatoon on Jan. 27th, and we're showing up to welcome our new Premier! (Join and share the Facebook event here: )

Mobilize Saskatoon and Stop the Cuts invite one and all to come out and remind the Sask Party of the people that their callous budget cuts have left behind!

We want a Premier with compassion, integrity, and transparency - one who works for ALL of us. The 4 candidates currently serving in office all voted FOR last spring’s heartless budget. A new leader doesn’t absolve this government of their responsibility to the people.

We won’t rest until last year’s budget is repealed entirely and our Crowns are secure - as promised by the Sask Party in the last election.

Bring your signs and your strong voices! Invite your friends - let's make this BIG!
We will not let this government off the hook for all the damage they’ve done!