Saskatoon and District Labour Council’s annual meeting discussed Saskatchewan’s $1.2 billion deficit, cuts to the public sector and a changing job landscape. Jacqueline Wilson reports.

It’s not the news many at the wanted to hear, including Service Employees’ International Union-West (SEIU-West) president Barbara Cape.

“What I see right now is an idea or a scheme that’s going to pull money out of the system and create significant barriers, in my opinion, to accessing education, long term and community healthcare,” Cape said at Saskatoon’s Heritage Inn on Saturday.

For Cape, Wall’s musing about cutting 4,900 jobs isn’t the transformational change she’s hoping for the province.

“If we’re truly looking at changing the way we do healthcare and education in our province then it can’t be about cutting funding to those sectors,” she said. “We actually have to invest more and that’s through taxes.”

The Saskatoon and District Labour Council said it will continue to lobby the province for more investment and that includes on the ever-changing job landscape.

“We’re calling for an end to part-time, contract work and precarious employment. We need to have jobs that are meaningful, that are union jobs and that pay well so people can afford rent,” council president Kelly Harrington said. 11 Feb 2017 at 20:21