sldc summer snack program

About the program:

The Summer Snack Program originated in 1988 when two teachers realized that although children had access to lunch programs during the school year, they did not have access to this critical service during the summer months. They approached the Saskatoon and District Labour Council (SDLC) with this concern and the Summer Snack Program was born. The Program’s aim is to provide healthy lunches to children who might otherwise go hungry.

The SDLC Summer Snack Program has grown over the years and is currently providing lunches at six core neighbourhood parks as well as Agriculture in the Classroom Program sites.

Each summer the SDLC hires staff to coordinate, prepare, deliver and serve lunches, 7 days a week, during July and August. Although the program is geared towards children, an increasing numbers of adults also access the program. No one is turned away.

A typical lunch consists of a whole-wheat sandwich, fruit, vegetables, milk, fruit juice, cheddar cheese and a yogurt tube. Children and adults alike are impressed with the wide variety of fruit and vegetables – many have never even seen some of the choices offered. The Coordinators also bake to provide a tasty afternoon snack for the children a couple of times a week.

Often is it more than bringing lunch – the kids look forward to the friendship, leadership and stability that the coordinators provide. Strong bonds form and the children learn positive life habits such as recycling and reusing materials.

The Summer Snack Program has a strong environmental component: the program uses paper supplies; children reuse their cups if they want a drink refill; and the coordinators use reusable cloth grocery bags to transport fruit and vegetables.

SDLC Summer Snack Program is a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Program’s success and sustainability is due in large part to the generous financial donations from the SDLC affiliated unions and some non-affiliated unions.

Over the past few years, the SDLC has received an annual grant through the Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership. The City of Saskatoon and United Way of Saskatoon and Area sit at this table and both organizations have provided these additional resources which have significantly helped in expanding the program.

This program continues to receive significant in-kind donations from local businesses and organizations. Summer Snack supports unionized grocery stores when supplies need to be purchased. The program also relies on volunteers who donate their time to help prepare and serve lunches.

2016 Summer Snack Report

Highlights are below:

  • A total of 8048 nutritious meals plus snacks were served during July and August:
    • 5376 lunches at 6 core neighbourhood parks
    • 840 bagged lunches to 6 Agriculture in the Classroom garden sites (an increase of 2 sites from last year)
    • 960 lunches were prepared for Saskatoon Public School Summer Reading Camp
    • 582 breakfasts and 90 lunches were delivered to Summer Success
    • 100 breakfasts + 100 lunches were provided to the Camponi Housing Corporation’s Children’s Cultural Camp
  • Christie’s Bakery donated 15 loaves of bread 5 days a week
  • Bread is also donated by P & H Milling
  • About 4 – 5 cases of fruit were donated by Thomas Fresh Inc. (formerly Martin’s Produce)
  • Federated Co-operatives Limited (Warehouse division) provided generous amounts of food and supplies as well as delivered these items to the coordinators once a week
  • The Saskatoon Public School Board donated the use of W.P. Bates school kitchen for prep work and baking
  • Cobb’s Bakery, through Westside Pentecostal Church donated bread and buns
  • Great Canadian Bagel provided about 500 day old bagels throughout the summer which were used for breakfast meals
  • 4 sponsored pizza days occurred – one day each by Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress – Prairie Region, CUPE Saskatchewan, PSAC Prairie Region
  • SEIU-West sponsored an ice-cream day
  • Lion’s Club Youth Exchange Program approached the program and a volunteer opportunity for 55 youth from around the world was organized
  • New initiatives to 2016:
    • The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre approached our program this year and asked for assistance with distributing 250 snack packs per week as part of their national initiative. Undistributed packages were dropped off at White Buffalo Youth Lodge and the Friendship Inn.
    • Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation Summer Reading Camp reached out to the Program to provide bagged lunches for their students for a 2 week period. The camp’s aim is to work on preventing ‘summer slip’. Teachers provide students with skills that enhance fluency, rate, comprehension and writing ability.
    • Summer Success also approached Summer Snack to provide breakfasts, lunches and snacks for their programs. In partnership with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (GSCS) and Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS), United Way of Saskatoon and Area funded five Summer Success programs in August 2016 to avoid ‘summer slide’. Teachers provided supportive learning aimed at maintaining or improving students’ literacy levels at 4 camps. One camp focused on helping migrant children develop their English language skills.

Summer Snack Vacation of the Month Lotto

To ensure this program remains sustainable, the SDLC Executive has organized a ticket fundraiser. For the price of $120 the ticket holder has 12 opportunities (once a month) to win a choice of 2 trips or ½ the cash value of that trip.

The 2016-17 tickets are currently on sale. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please contact the SDLC Office. This year individuals can also purchase a 50/50 option at an additional cost of $30. Winners of the monthly draw are contacted and then announced on our Home page.

Vacation of the Month Winners!

pdfNOTE: Date Changes to the 2017-18 Vacation of the Month Lotto

summer snack

Congratulations to the following individuals who are the lucky winners of the following monthly draws:




February 2016

All inclusive hotel and airfare to Puerto Vallarta for 2 or
All-inclusive hotel and airfare to Ixtapa for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Donna Rederburg

March 2016

$1500 Travel Voucher or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Donalda Bracke

April 2016

7 Nights Airfare and Hotel in Paris, France for 2 or
7 Nights Airfare and Hotel in London, England for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Ruby Kilfoyle

May 2016

4 Nights Airfare and Hotel in San Francisco for 2 or
4 Nights Airfare and Hotel in New York City for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Dale Zakreski

June 2016

$1500 Travel Voucher or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Sharon Deptuch
(RWDSU Local 480)

July 2016

$100 Gas Card and 3 Nights at Elkridge or
$100 Gas Card and 3 Nights Moose Jaw Temple Gardens or
One-half the cash value of this draw

 Floyd Sookocheff

August 2016

5 Nights Las Vegas Air and Hotel for 2 or
7 Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

 Larry Hubich

September 2016

5 Nights Hotel and Air in Palm Springs for 2 or
5 Nights Hotel and Air in Anaheim for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

 Marilynne and Robert MacFarlane

October 2016

$1500 Travel Voucher or
One-half the cash value of this draw

RWDSU Local 480 – c/o Sharon Deptuch

November 2016

2 Nights Banff at Fairmont Lake Louise (includes Air to Calgary) or
Air and 2 Nights in Victoria Fairmont Express or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Carla Debert

December 2016

5 Nights Air and Hotel in Halifax for 2 or
5 Nights air and Hotel in Montreal for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

Denise Achtemichuk

January 2017

7 Nights Air and Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 or
7 Nights Air and Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona for 2 or
One-half the cash value of this draw

 Susan Fraser